TCA Vision

The Child Academy provides a developmentally appropriate learning environment where the emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs of all children are met in a safe, creative and nurturing environment. We use a combination of play based and literacy activities to help foster self-esteem, critical thinking, problem solving and leadership in an environment that includes structured, routine and open discovery activities. In our supportive, bilingual environment children develop their language competencies in English and Mandarin, as well as their understanding of the world helping to prepare your children for success in an ever more connected international community.


The Child Academy has students from over 20 nationalities and both campuses are custom designed to be environmentally friendly, with abundant space, ample natural light, communal dining halls and large outdoor play areas. Our team of passionate and professional educators guide young learners with respect, care and enthusiasm to inspire a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Children’s Home for International Learning & Development



The Child Academy is dedicated to providing a loving and healthy environment for children to develop their creativity, independence, critical thinking, and global awareness.

We are committed to developing future leaders that both lead and serve others. We believe that nurturing a child’s love for life, self-esteem and overall happiness are equally as important as developing their minds.




Confident in myself — 对自己自

Humble in Achievement — 对成功谦虚

Inquisitive in Learning– 探究学习

Loving Towards Others — 关爱他人

Daring to Explore — 勇敢探索