Your little ballerina’s very first introduction to balance and grace through playful movements. Your baby will use all their senses as they move through the class, learning their first ballet steps. This class includes many balancing and coordination exercises that will stay with mommies and their little ballerinas for a memorable experience.

(Age: 18 – 36 months)


Are you ready to play? This after school class will have mommies or  daddies developing a bond with their toddlers. The class will foster self-awareness and independence while strengthening the parent-child relationship. We will sing, move, groove, and play all while strengthening your little one’s balance, coordination, and gross motor skills.

(Age: 18  – 36 months)


There’s a saying in cooking: “A messy kitchen is a sign of happiness”. Well, we know that for most parents, cleaning up after toddlers can be stressful. Let us help! Our Bake and Create parent and child class will have your little chef trying different recipes led by one of our teachers. This will allow them to get creative as they try these delicious dishes. This Montessori inspired class will foster their imagination as they develop fine motor skills, become exposed to different sensory stimuli, and socialize all while growing as a self-reliant little person. Time to get cooking!

(Age: 18 – 36 months)

Montessori Inspired Wood Working 

Parents and toddlers can connect in this amazing class that teaches your little one the basics of how to build something fun and useful, all while developing gross motor skills and fostering inquisitiveness. Your toddler will feel a sense of accomplishment as they build the world around them. This exciting class is open to mommies or daddies but we highly encourage daddies to give it a whirl!

(Age: 18 – 36 months)

Toddler Aquatic

Toddler AQUA teaches your little one how to kick and splash properly with a progression on to real swim movements and independent diving. With interactive movements and play, children will practice “bilateral cross-patterning movements,” which helps support Reading Skills, Language Development, Academic Learning, and Spatial Awareness. We will also exercise “Self Rescue and Water Safety” and learn about best practices for your little one’s water time.

 (Age: 18 – 36 months)