Mom & Baby


Get ready for the big day! Learn all the how-to’s of baby care in this hands-on class. You will learn the essentials involved in your newborn’s day-to-day care such as soothing methods, car safety, carrier and stroller knowledge, and so much more!

This course offers a variety of best practices to get you ready for your little one’s arrival. An expert in the field will go over everything you need to know about your baby’s care, providing you with basic tools to properly care for your infant in the first few years using theoretical knowledge and hands-on activities.



Let’s get cooking! Meet other mommies-to be with this fun Prenatal Cooking Class. Learn about prenatal boosting foods in order to stay healthy and in shape, as well as, provide the best nutrition for your growing baby. We will be making easy and healthy to-go snacks for the mom-to-be! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the benefits of mindful cooking for you and your family.


Jump right in the pool in this Prenatal Aquatics Class that will help soon to be moms be ready for the birth! There are many benefits to pool exercises while pregnant that include but are not limited to: reduce swelling in joints, keeps you cool while raising your heart rate, help soothe and lessen back pain, and potentially make natural deliveries easier. This class is perfect for moms that want to meet other expecting mothers while enjoying a low-impact physical activity.



Time to switch up gears in this prenatal class that will have you doing low-impact, strengthening exercises in order to keep yourself healthy during your pregnancy. It’s not your regular Pilates or yoga class as this course has been adapted from US based prenatal exercises most commonly used by the Hollywood elite. The class will involve light movements, stretches, and kegels that will strengthen the pelvic floor muscle and maintain overall health of your body during pregnancy. Doing low impact exercises during your pregnancy will have numerous advantages such as boosting your energy levels, reduce your risk for pregnancy related diseases, help you sleep better, and prepare you for the rigors of childbirth. Learn how all the celebrities in the US are doing it as you get to know other expecting moms!