Parent Testimonials

Lynn's Parents

Lynn joined TCA from the age of two and a half to join the TCA family. She is now about to graduate kindergarten! She has enjoyed a happy time while at TCA, she spent a happy childhood life in kindergarten. Even while away on vacation she was looking forward to returning to school.

 Her experience at TCA has been interesting, she learned about other countries culture, food and drink, the different festivals and holidays, and participated in many different parties.

 As Lynn progressed to the oldest age group class, Lynn has had caring teachers where she not only learned academic knowledge, but also learned to share, to care and follow the rules. Time flies and now Lynn has nearly finished TCA and in seeing every step of progress she has made us very proud of her!

David & Jennifer's Parents

It is my greatest pleasure to share my children’s education experiences at TCA and help you make one of the most important decisions for your child.

 Both my daughter and son have attended TCA full time for more than 3 years.  They have learned a lot, had great fun, and grown beyond my expectations.  Now both kids are with Pinghe Bi-lingual International School, and study happily there.

 TCA has helped to develop my kids in three ways: a great learning experience with a rich and practical curriculum; building character, confidence and an open mind and developing an intellectual curiosity.

 However, the most valuable part of TCA experience is that it has helped to develop the children’s intellectual curiosity.  With all the interesting learning experiences and exposure to different parts of world and diversified cultures, the children are curious to learn more.  That intellectual curiosity has prepared the children well and helped to build the foundation for coming challenges when they enter into next stage of their learning life.

Adams' Parents

Somebody told us about TCA when we were trying to find a good preschool for Adams in 2012. After visiting the Zhangjiang Campus, we loved TCA immediately because of the atmosphere of the school. We believe that this is also the reason why other parents choose TCA – the great first impression! Besides the atmosphere of the school there are many other benefits to being at TCA.

TCA has great staff. The teachers are friendly. Children feel comfortable in the absence of their parent’s care. This is very important for children making their first steps to independence. TCA is a home from home where they may enjoy the same happy time. Even though every class group has a fixed pair of teachers, all the teachers in the campus know every child. No one is a stranger at TCA.

 At TCA, English teaching acquisition is not the only aim at school. TCA also attaches importance to humanity, culture, sports, manipulative ability and team cooperation. These are different from the traditional kindergarten education. TCA prepares the children well for primary school admission. All the children are good at Chinese and Math when they are ready for primary school. We haven’t realized that an international preschool may do such a great job at this. Thanks!!